Filtered Statistics

Filtered Statistics For me, tuning the Microsoft Data Platform and SQL Server is a simple principle, make the engine do as little work as possible. For the engine and the optimizer to be able to do so, we need to feed it the appropriate information. The SQL Server Cardinality Estimator(CE) does it’s best to analyze Read more about Filtered Statistics[…]

Buffer Pool Extension

Working with Buffer Pool Extension There are many limitations to the SQL Server Standard Edition Database Engine.  In my opinion, one of the most confining is the memory limitation.  Many of us know the Page Life Expectancy counter, but why is this important?  For SQL Server to deliver data to you, the data is read Read more about Buffer Pool Extension[…]

Deadlocking – Deciding which child gives up what they want

As we have spoken about before, parents of siblings or the siblings themselves understand what it is like for a parent to have to resolve a squabble.  Recently, my daughters were having burgers for dinner.  My youngest was sitting at the table with the ketchup and my eldest had both hers and her sister’s burger. Read more about Deadlocking – Deciding which child gives up what they want[…]

Locking and Blocking, Family Management.

For any parents out there of multiple children, you are acutely aware of locking and blocking in the real world.  Who gets to use the bathroom first?  Hearing the phrase “I saw that first”.  I want that.  Fighting over a toy.  Each parent has their own methods of how to resolve these disputes. Just as Read more about Locking and Blocking, Family Management.[…]