TSQL Tuesday #96


So this is my first T-SQL Tuesday post.  This month’s challenge comes from Ewald Cress and is to recognize those who have made a meaningful contribution in your life in the world of data.

I’m really not sure how to pair this down as there have been so very many.  I will start with 2 VERY important people related to RDX.

The first would be my long time boss, friend and colleague, Konstantin Melamud(t).  Kon has a unique way of getting others to follow him, with seemingly little effort.  He not only garners respect, but as long as you are giving solid effort, he will have your back.  He has mentored me on many levels and I can say that I wouldn’t be at this point in my career without him.

The second RDX relation would be Mr. John Sterrett(b|t).  John was once an employee of RDX and moved on to eventually be his own boss at ProcureSQL.  John was the person who pushed me to speak.  He pushed me to speak at the Pittsburgh SQL Server User Group.  I was never really fond of public speaking to that point.  I failed miserably.  I completely froze when someone asked a question that I wasn’t sure on.  John helped push me over the years and introduced me to many people within #SQLFamily.  John was the catalyst for an extreme change in my life.

Along the way, there have been many more such as Wendy Pastrick(b|t).  I met Wendy at SQL Saturday Cleveland and she has since been one of my dearest friends.  For those of you that have met me, I have many tattoos and facial piercings.  SQL Saturday Cleveland was only my second SQL Saturday.  I did my session.  I was wearing a long sleeve shirt to cover my tattoos and I took my piercings out.  Wendy promptly advised me to NOT remove my piercings or cover, that they made me who I am and recognizable.  I have not removed them since.

Present day, I would say that it would be Mr. Jim Donahoe(b|t).  Jim has a face that only a mother could love, but has become a good friend and colleague at RDX.  Also, Jim has renewed my passion in #SQLFamily.  This man has a eagerness that is infectious.  Jim is simply a good person.

There are so many more.  I’m going to list a few, but there are certainly so many that I would not be able to include them all.  Being involved with #SQLFamily as completely changed my life for the better.

  • Ed Watson(b|t)
  • Grant Fritchey(b|t)
  • Jamie Johnson(b|t)
  • Jeremy Frye(t)
  • John Morehouse(b|t)
  • Lance Tidwell(b|t)
  • Monica Rathbun(b|t)
  • Rick Heiges(b|t)
  • Rie Irish(b|t)
  • Tim Radney(b|t)

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